December 19-22nd

Keynote Speakers

     Luiz Moutinho

Professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research (the first Chair in the world in these two scholarly fields )
DCU Business School, Dublin City University,Ireland.
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Prof. Luiz Moutinho is the Professor of BioMarketing and Futures Research (the first Chair in the world in these two scholarly fields ) at the DCU Business School, Dublin City University in Ireland. Previously ,and for 20 years, he had been appointed to the Foundation Chair of Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School ,University of Glasgow, Scotland. He completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield in 1982. He has been a Full Professor for 26 years and held posts at Cardiff Business School, University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA, Northern Arizona University, USA and California State University, USA. He has held Visiting Professorship positions at Hubei University, China, Hubei University of Economics, China, Hebei United University ,China, University of Vilnius, Lithuania, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Otago University, New Zealand, University of Aarhus, Denmark, Bled School of Management, Slovenia, University of Aveiro, Portugal, Gyor University, Hungary, Feng Chia University, Taiwan, University of Coimbra,Portugal, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal, FGV-Sao Paulo, Brazil, Catholic University, Brazil, University of Los Andes, Colombia, and University of Cyprus. Between 1987 and 1989 he was the Director of the Doctoral Programmes at the Confederation of Scottish Business Schools and at the Cardiff Business School between 1993 and 1996. He was Director of the Doctoral Programme in Management at the University of Glasgow between 1996 and 2004 .He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Modelling in Management (JM2) and has another 4 Associate Editorships as well as being in the Editorial Boards of another 46 international academic journals.

His areas of research interest also encompass bio-marketing, neuroscience in marketing, EMOWEAR, a wearable tech device that detects human emotions,evolutionary algorithms, human-computer interaction, the use of artificial neural networks in marketing, modelling consumer behaviour, marketing futurecast in management , tourism and marketing. Other primary areas of Professor Moutinho’s academic research are related to modelling processes of consumer behaviour. He has developed a number of conceptual models over the years in areas such as tourism destination decision processes, automated banking, supermarket patronage, among other areas. The testing of these research models has been based on the application of many different statistical, computer and mathematical modelling techniques ranging from multidimensional scaling, multinomial logit generalised linear models (GLMs) and linear structural relations to neural networks, ordered probit, simulated annealing, tabu search, genetic algorithms,memetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.He has over 140 articles published in refereed academic journals,30 books, more than 8,700 academic citations, an h-index of 44 and an i10-index of 142.


    Ms. SHIMIN HU (Crystal)

Co-Founder of


Biography: Crystal is an outstanding international student with strong leadership and entrepreneurship whom have experienced different education systems in four countries: China, Singapore, USA and UK. She received the National Youth Achievement Award in Singapore 2007. In 2008, with full distinctions she was successfully graduated from Warwick Business School that is one of the best universities in the world (according to Times its ranked top 7th in UK league tables). In 2008, the BEGO Company she co-founded won “The Queen’s Award For Enterprise”. In 2014, she graduated from the Shenzhen Tsinghua Graduate School EMBA, and the iFang company (i房网 she co-founded awarded one million RMB from entrepreneurial funding which provided Tsinghua University and FOSHAN local government. In 2015, she was voted as The Rising Star of FOSHAN, awarded by Southern Entrepreneur Magazine.

Title: Fintechs help us manage wealth smartly, effectively and wisely

Abstract: This talks aims to explore the concepts of latest IT-driven business models in real estate industry: the smartphone Apps smarten up the O2O property transactions and the eREIT platform which maximizing the power of Crowdfunding; by analyzing the macro-scope perspective national bureau of statistics of the People’s Republic of China and the micro-scope of the financial reports of the listed companies in real estate sector we will evaluate their impacts and feasibilities. Second, we will explain how the enabling technologies such as mobile Apps, data mining and LBS marketing tools as IT infrastructure provides the foundation for e-commerce application in the enterprise strategically and revolutionarily leading to the Information Age of real estate investment in China. Finally, we will investigate the possibilities of the new wave of data science application and Pareto Optimization in Chinese real estate industry.


     Rita Li

Tianjin University and founder and director of Sustainable Real Estate Research Center


Rita Li, Graduated from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) (global subject ranking 11 in QS 2016), I am the founder and director of Sustainable Real Estate Research Center. I am also an Adjunct Associate Professor in China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, Tianjin University. I first started my academic career as a visiting lecturer in Polytechnic University, then a lecturer, an Assistant Professor and now an Associate Professor in HKSYU. Outside the academia, I am a chartered surveyor by profession. I have also received formal training in arbitration and mediation. I am an associate member of CIArb and HKIArb.
Over the years, I won many local and international awards and grants. I was a recipient of a Fellowship from the US to study the impact of law and culture on housing fittings in China which offered me a chance to present a paper to Prof Douglass North, Nobel Prize Winner (for his contribution in new institutional economics). I also received the top three presenter award among all the fellowship recipients. I previously received a competitive fellowship from Australia Govt to act as a visiting research fellow in School of Natural and Built Environment, University of South Australia (ranks 69 for Engineering and Technology inTimes Higher Education) from late May to late September 2014 (worked with my host Prof Simon Beecham, current Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of South Australia). I was also a recipient of a grant issued by Ministry of Education jointly with scholar from People’s Republic of China and a finalist award for competition law research in the US.
My papers are published in Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Environmental Health etc. I am a journal editor for many academic peer review journals and a regular reviewer for Scopus/SSCI/SCI journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production,International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Sustainability, Housing Studies, Journal of Youth Studies (housing only), Land Use Policy, Facilities, Urban Studies etc.
Outside the ivory tower, my research activities have been covered by mass media in different places, such as:
--The Guardian (the UK)
--Hong Kong Economic Times, Skypost headline (Hong Kong)
--QOOS (Macau)
--China Review News, (China)
--EcoGisments (France)