December 19-22nd

Collocated Conferences

The 7th International Conference on Computational Systems-Biology and Bioinformatics

(CSBio2016)- December 19-22,2016, University of Macau, Macau

With the advancement in next-generation molecular technology in generating the high-throughput "omics" data, life science has come to the era of "big data". To extract biological knowledge from the data, and translate it into benefits for society (e.g. better medicine and healthcare), novel and advanced computational tools are needed for data analysis. CSBio 2016 would like to invite researchers and industrial counterparts to meet at this event to exchange ideas and stimulate research collaborations.


2016 International Conference on Behavior Engineering

(ICBE 2016)- December 19-22,2016, University of Macau, Macau

The International Conference on Behavior Engineering (ICBE) aims to encompass intelligent and efficient computational solutions, including models, architectures, algorithms and specific applications, focused on processing, discovering, understanding and analysing the behaviour captured by the above data. It is a forum for data scientists, behavior engineers and application developers from around the world to interact and present their work. It also offers a stimulating platform for the exchange of ideas and disseminating cutting edge research related to behavior engineering to the community. We are particularly interested in applying any engineering paradigm to systemically process, discover, understand and analyse these data. We are also interested in works that address problems in a variety of areas and applications that related to behavior engineering.