Dr. Julia Neidhardt

TU Wien, Austria

Title : Digital Humanism

Abstract :  While digitalization opens unprecedented opportunities, it also raises serious concerns including the monopolization of the Web, the formation of filter bubbles and echo chambers as islands of disjoint truths,  ethical questions related  to artificial intelligence or  the  spread  of  digital  surveillance.  The  talk  deals  with  these questions   and   calls   for   a   digital   humanism   that   describes, analyzes and  above all influences  the complex  interplay between technology and humanity for a better society.

Biography :

Julia Neidhardt is a researcher at the  E-Commerce  Research Unit at TU Wien, Austria and at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.  Her research  focuses  on  modeling   and  predicting  complex  human behavior, user opinions, preferences and social relations as well as their dynamics in digital-enabled environments.   In recent projects, she studied social influence mechanism in online communities, the diffusion  of  topics,  opinions  and  sentiments,  team performance and travel recommender systems. She is a co-author of the Vienna Manifesto  on  Digital  Humanism   and   has  co-organized  several events on Digital Humanism.