Dr. Simon Fong

The Computer and Information Science Department, The University of Macau, Macau

Biography :

Simon Fong graduated from La Trobe University,  Australia,  with  a 1st  Class  Honours  BEng.  Computer  Systems degree and a PhD.  Computer  Science degree in 1993 and 1998 respectively. Simon is now  working  as  an  Associate  Professor   at   the  Computer  and Information Science Department  of the University of Macau.  He is a  co-founder  of  the  Data  Analytics  and Collaborative Computing Research Group in the Faculty of Science and Technology.  Prior  to his   academic  career,   Simon  took   up  various   managerial   and technical   posts,   such  as  systems  engineer,   IT  consultant  and e-commerce director in Austra  lia and Asia. Dr. Fong has published over   432   international   conference   and  peer-reviewed    journal papers, mostly in the areas of data mining, data stream mining, big data analytics,  meta-heuristics optimization  algorithms,  and their applications.   He serves  on the editorial boards of  the Journal  of Network    and    Computer   Applications   of   Elsevier,     IEEE     IT Professional Magazine and various special issues of SCIE-indexed journals. Simon is also an active researcher with leading positions such as Vice-chair of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Task  Force  on "Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management", and Vice-director of International Consortium for Optimization and Modelling in Science and Industry (iCOMSI).

Research Interests :  data  mining,  data  stream  mining,  big  data analytics,    meta-heuristics   optimization   algorithms,   and   their applications