Dr. Susmita Ghosh

Department  of  Computer  Science  &  Engineering,
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Biography :

Susmita Ghosh received the B.Sc. (with Honors) in Physics and the B.Tech. in  Computer  Science and Engineering from the  University of Calcutta,  India,  in  1988  and  1992,  respectively, the M.Tech. in Computer  Science  and  Engineering  from  the  Indian  Institute  of Technology,  Bombay,  in  1994,  and  the  Ph.D.  (Engineering) from Jadavpur   University,  Kolkata,  in  2004.   She  has  visited  various universities  for collaborative research/  international projects  and delivered lectures in  different countries including Australia,  China, Italy,  Japan,  Norway,  Portugal, South Korea, Thailand, the UK  and the   USA.    She   has   published   about   90   research   papers  in internationally reputed journals  and referred conferences  and has edited 3 books. She serves/ served as the Principal Investigator of several  research  projects   funded   by  government   agencies  of National/  International  repute    (including  ASEAN,   India  Trento Programme  for  Advanced  Research,  Erasmus  Mundus  Project). Presently she is the Chair of IEEE GRSS Kolkata Chapter. She is an Associate   Editor  of  two  International  Journals  and  serves  as Technical/   Programme/  Advisory  Committee   Member/   Track Chair/   Session   Chair    of   many   national    and    international conferences.

Susmita Ghosh was a Lecturer  and  then an  Associate Professor with  the  Department   of   Computer  Science   and   Engineering, Jadavpur  University  since  1997.   She  is  a  Full Professor at the same  department  since  2010.    Her  research  interests  include Computational  Intelligence,   Pattern  Recognition   and  Machine Learning,  Data Science  and  Big Data Analysis,  Image and Video Analysis, and Cognitive Computing.