The International workshop on Applied Information Technology 2005

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Call For Papers : IAIT’05)
To commemorate the 10th anniversary, the School of Information Technology, KMUTT, is launching the 1st International Workshop on Applied Information Technology (IAIT). The 1st IAIT will serve as a new forum for international researchers and industrial practitioners to meet, discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences.
The workshop is an opportunity for international researchers and industrial practitioners to present their work and achievement in both theoretical and application of information technology and its related fields. It also serves as a venue to foster collaboration among different industrial organizations and academic institutes. All papers submitted to the workshop will be peer evaluated by at least two reviewers. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality and contribution.
The 1st IAIT will be held in, Bangkok, THAILAND.

The relevant topics for this conference include, but are not limited to, the following:
All areas related to Applied Information Technology are of interest, including, but not being limited, to the following areas:

- Artificial Intelligence
- Agent Systems and Applications
- Applied Information Systems
- Bioinformatics
- Case Studies and Applications
- Collaborative Know-how
- Communications and Wireless Applications
- Computer Law
- Computer Security
- Data Mining
- Database Systems
- E-Commerce Theory and Practice
- E-Government and E-Service
- Technologies for E-Learning
- Embedded Systems
- Evaluation and Assessment
- Global Tendencies
- Information Retrieval
- Multimedia & Visualization - Networking
- Object Orientation Language and Systems
- Parallel and Distributed Systems
- Payment Systems
- Programming Languages
- Protocols and Standards
- Semantic Web
- Software Engineering : Applications, Practices and Tools
- Storage Issues
- Trust, Recommendations, Evidence, and other
- WWW Applications and Technologies
- Usability Issues
- Virtual Reality
- XML and other Extensible Languages
Invited Talks & Panel Discussion
Invited talks will be given by leading pioneers from both academia and industry. The workshop
will also include panel discussion on EGovernment. The organizer welcomes
contributions from interested individuals. Anyone wishing to act as a member of the panel, please contact the organizer at:

There will be an exhibition area for companies to present their recent developments and products.
This includes IBM, Oracle, and 3Com. Any interested company wishing to participate in the exhibition, please contact the organizer at: for further detail.

Technical Committee
  1. E. Alba Torres
  2. R. Alcock
  3. P. Bouvry
  4. N. Cercone
  5. F. Chausse
  6. A. Czurylo
  7. A. Dentoras
  8. S. Habib
  9. D. Khakhar
  10. S. Krishnaswamy
  11. K. Lavangnananda
  12. D. Muller
  13. M. Najjar
  14. C. Nukoolkit
  15. H. Pan
  16. B. Papasratorn
  17. S. Sagiroglu
  18. A. Samad Ismail
  19. H. Schellhowe
  20. N. Shuley
  21. A. Soroka
  22. F. Sukkar
  23. K. Tolle
  24. N. Vassilas
  25. P. Wen
  26. T. Wu
  27. Z. W. Zhong
  28. M. Zulkernine